Obol Pro

Manage your cash flow, not your spreadsheets

Track your cashflows, manage bottom-up-rolling-plans, forecast scenarios, and seamlessly execute - all from one platform.
You manage the cash, we'll manage the rest.

The platform that actually works for you

Obol Pro provides a single integrated platform for all of your liquidity operations so you can oversee, plan, and execute with confidence.

Dynamic forecasting in a snap

Four words: Bottom-up rolling plan.
Obol is the first-ever platform that combines live financial data with your assumptions to guarantee smarter, better-informed decisions.

Start working
right away

Our user-friendly UI and easy setup allow for instant implementation, so you can dive right in and get sh*t done.

You’re in control,

Monitor, plan and execute from a centralized platform with an always
up-to-date, real-time view of your cash.

Level up your productivity

by automating repetitive tasks,
generating powerful insights, and gaining transparency.

A one-stop-shop cash command center

The Obol platform leverages our proprietary API tech to gather all of your banking, PSP, and financial service information into one powerful platform that lets you execute cash actions immediately and with total accuracy.